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  1. Metal Detector for Paper Pulp

    The main purpose of installing Metal Detection Systems in Paper & Pulp industry is to protect other machines. The Metal Detector machine detects tramp metals such as nails, bullets, small rods etc.
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  2. Industrial Metal Detector

    Our Industrial Metal Detector can detect metallic fragments that accidentally find their way into industrial products with great accuracy. The level of sensitivity and response speed this machine offers, is simply unrivalled in the industry.
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  3. Multi Channel Metal Detector

    Offering a Multi Channel Metal Detector which has a high range of detection ability to scan the presence of small fragments in various products. Available in various customization options, this machine his metal detector can illuminate at the portion where detection occurs and generate a signal to notify the operator.
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  4. Wood Log Metal Detector

    Our Wood Log Metal Detector is an expert machine of industrial grade that can detect the presence of metal in a wood. Metallic pieces in the form of nails, debris or barbed wire may remain stuck to the old lumber. This machine helps in eliminating all types of metals from the wooden logs.
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  5. Metal Detector For Stone Crusher

    Metal Detector For Stone Crusher has been specially designed for large scale application. It is a heavy duty and sturdy machine that can detect tramp metal in stones to protect the crusher and cutter blades. With an advanced control unit cabinet for various features, this machine is quite easy to operate.
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  6. Metal Detector For Moulding

    The presence of metallic fragments can ruin the end products in molds and also disfigure them. This os why our Metal Detector For Moulding is widely used with injection molding process to find the presence of any metallic debris.
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  7. Vinyl Metal Detector

    Metal Detector is used to check Vinyl sheets & Calendar machines.
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  8. Rectangular Aperture Metal Detector

    The rectangular Metal Detector is used in food , Pharma , Rubber, Chemicals, Packaging industry, Calendar lines, Stone Crusher, Paper & Pulp eetc.
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  9. Metal Detector with Conveyor System

    Metal Detector with Conveyor system is used for checking metal objects in products passing through the conveyor belt.
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  10. Metal Detector with Flat Belt

    We manufacture Metal Detectors & Conveyor Systems at in-house.
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  11. Gravity Fall Metal Detector

    The gravity Fall/Feed Metal Detector is used for checking tramp metals in powders, flakes, granuales, etc.Our Rejection Mechanism is 100% fail proof and work on Flap Type Pneumatic Operation.
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