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Packaging Metal Detectors

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  1. Pipeline Metal Detector

    Pipeline Metal Detector is extremely beneficial in detecting the presence of metallic contaminants in liquid or paste like products. This machine works well for metal detection in slurry products and meat due to its pipeline structure.
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  2. Cooling Line Metal Detector

    Cooling Line Metal Detector is extremely useful conduct inspection for metallic fragments in products like biscuits or chips. They can be attached to the product line in cooling phase when the product is allowed to cool down.
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  3. Metal Detector For Loose Candy

    Metal Detector For Loose Candy can scan for the presence of metallic shards or particles that can potentially cause any harm on consumption. It has been specially built to handle large volumes of candies and similar confectionery.
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  4. Metal Detector For Loose Cashew

    This Metal Detector For Loose Cashew is an expert industrial grade machine that can easily detect the presence of metallic fragments in the processed cashew. It can reject the contaminated parts automatically in the production line.
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  5. Ice Cream Metal Detector

    Ice Cream Metal Detector has a customized design for handling wet material such as ice cream. It can easily detect the presence of any metallic fragment that may have accidentally found its way to the product at the time of processing.
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  6. Metal Detector For Cashew

    Metal Detector For Cashew has been specially made to detect and eliminate any metallic debris that may have found their way into the product at the time of processing. With a durable body and high quality components, this machine can work for long hours.
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  7. Digital Metal Detector

    The Digital Metal Detector is a user friendly metal detector that comes along with a digital control panel. This machine can be connected to computer to monitor the scan for the presence of metallic contaminants. 
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  8. Jumbo Bag Metal Detector

    Jumbo Bag Metal Detector has been designed in a way that can easily look for the presence of metal in jumbo bags. This machines has a conveyor belt attached to it for automatic lining up of the bags that needs to be scanned.
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  9. Metal Detector For Pickles

    Detecting metallic impurity in pickles has been made easy with our new Metal Detector For Pickles. This machine is capable of tracing small fragments of metallic shards that may have found its way into the product.
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  10. Metal Detector for Aluminum Foil Products

    Our Metal Detector with Conveyor System is designed to check metals in Aluminum foil products.
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